Cal Peacock
Cal Peacock Cal is an internationally renowned artist. Her work is sought by collectors and has shown in such prestigious venues as the Smithsonian. Best known for her inspirational hand painted tin "Medicine Horses", she also paints large canvases and multi-dimensional wall hanging shrines. Cal is now collaborating with master woodcarver, Bobby Harding, who builds the alters which frame her work. She is one of the artists affiliated with the Trail of Painted Ponies. (

Cal has a classical education in art. She has practiced many mediums from welding and printmaking to commercial design. After college she worked in the advertising industry.

Upon moving to Santa Fe, NM in 1980, she became inspired by folk art. Soon she had a production company with over 100 items in the line and ten people working for her. Before long she had established herself as one of the leading artists in her field. She was mass producing folk art for over 150 galleries, gift stores and museums around the world. Tee shirts, greeting cards and posters ensued. Her work was in magazines, books and television specials. She began to travel giving lectures and workshops. The Smithsonian Museum called one day and invited her to participate in an eight year show on artists of New Mexico. collectors were calling from all over the world. For many artists this celebrity status would be a symbol of having "arrived", but for Cal something was missing.

Too busy to feel inspired, she had lost her shine. Giving the commercial production line to her son Austin Hanson, she began a journey in search of her soul. She became a permaculture teacher, a documentary film producer, owned a horseback riding stable and created a program called "Grandma's Farm", teaching children horsemanship, environmental education, art and wilderness skills. Immersed in ceremony, tracing her Celtic/Cherokee ancestry, she began leading rites of passage for youth at risk and conducting wilderness horse camps. Coming full circle, she came to believe that folk art at it's worst is a money driven craft, at it's best is an expression of one's personal devotion, nature's therapy, a God given right to all. She began teaching people how to break through their blocks and access their creativity.

No longer involved in mass production, she now paints only what her psyche prescribes. The "Medicine Horses" are the only item from her former line that she still makes. Each one is unique and bears an inspirational message. The shrines are two-dimensional, candle-lit alters. Reminiscent of 16th century French Carnival Art. Using culturally diverse symbology, fragmented legends, Cal creates idiosyncratic sculptural mythologies that serve to restore one's faith. The paintings on canvas are accounts of her own soul's evolution.

One theme is consistent in all of her work... Cal Peacock's art is a vehicle for her contribution to society, intended to inspire.

Cal Peacock         contact the artist         P.O.Box 174, Tesuque, NM 87574         phone: 505-982-9371   cell: 707-484-6411
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